Do You Really Want A Magic Wand? Pt II

In the last article Do You Really Want A Magic Wand? Pt I we talked about the dangers of what happens if the things you felt would make your life complete suddenly happened without effort. Imagine if you were woke up one morning and all of the problems in the world had gone away. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Actually, no. A third of lottery winners end up filing bankruptcy. and experience higher levels of depression, suicide, and divorce than the average citizen. Why? Because they don’t know how to be manage a new way of life and don’t have the experience to deal with it and Spacestar Ordering will do more harm than good.

The reality is that unless something occurs to change us, we will continue to do what we have always done. If we have always lived in poverty, sudden riches will not change the poverty mindset, and we will soon find ourselves back there. A new body, complete with working knees and a six-pack won’t change my diet and exercise habits. I may have the appearance of having made better decisions for a limited time, but before long, without a change in mindset, I’ll be back where I was. By earning our achievements we are more likely to appreciate them, and maintain the behaviours it took to achieve them.
Here are the three take aways for today:
1 – The first option we have is to do nothing. We can accept our lot in life, live with low locus of control and believe ourselves to be at the whim of our environment.
2 – We can try Spacestar Ordering, and wish really hard. It is highly unlikely this will work, but even if it does we will probably end up where we are now.
3 – The third option is to take one small step on any goal you want to see improvement. And then take another, and another. Here are some ideas on how you can take small steps towards your goal, and remember, a small step is better than no steps at all.
a) Learn one sentence in a new language.
b) Eat 100 calories less tomorrow.
c) Walk for 15 minutes.
d) Read 1 chapter of a book.
e) Write 100 words of a story.
f) Spend 15 minutes doing nothing at all.
g) Research three colleges that have a program you want to study.
h) Make a meal with that recipe you saw on Pinterest six months ago.
i) Learn four chords on a guitar.
j) Learn how to start a blog – do it for you.
Pick one goal, just one and do it tomorrow. You don’t need a new body or a new head, start today and renew the one you already have.
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