Does Fear Have You? Pt I

I have a theory on fear and phobias, it may or may not be right, but I am yet to find evidence to the contrary. There is a root at the foundation of every fear we may have: Change. Often it is a change that takes us into something unknown.
Before I go on, to be very clear here –  I am not talking about anxiety disorders here. I am talking phobias and emotional responses.
Arachnophobia? Sure, you may have a fear of spiders, but are you always in a heightened state of panic, or is it only when you see a spider.
Fear of flying? How impacting is it when you are at home and you have no need to go on a plane? Not at all.
I remember one time my grandma’s cat brought home a mouse as thank you and she ran around the house, ending  up standing on a chair telling  everyone to “GET IT OUT – GET IT OUT”. She didn’t usually stand on chairs screaming. The environment had unexpectedly changed.
It’s not that all change causes us concern, sometimes we plan, orchestrate it and embrace it. We move to new houses, towns and countries. We get married, have families, change jobs. It is unexpected, and unpleasant change that causes us problem. Those moments when we are not the ones in control.
How do you respond to fear?
In this week’s series we will look at fear and take some advice for overcoming the unknown from Peter Gabriel:

I have my fears, but they do not have me.

From Darkness, by Peter Gabriel

Here are today’s three takeaways:
1 – Think of your fears, what are you scared of? Now question why.
2 – We all have fears, but as Peter Gabriel says, they don’t have to have us.
3 – Change happens. Sometimes we know it is coming, we can’t stop it, and we don’t know how to manage it.
This post was inspired by an author I recently met online who talks about change, and it got me thinking about how we face change, whether planned, unplanned, expected, unexpected, stoppable or inevitable. If you are, or know a student who is graduating any time soon I 100% recommend Amba’s site.
Fear can often cause more harm than good. It makes us do weird things. We don’t always think straight. The most likely way a mouse would have ever caused my grandma harm was if she fell of the chair getting away from it. In the next articles we will flesh out the idea of fearing change and one of the best ways to approach a constantly changing world.
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