Does Fear Have You? Pt II

In the last article we looked at what happens when we don’t have our fears, but they have us. We are once again going back to Darkness, by Peter Gabriel for a look at how fear works.

Walking through the undergrowth to the house in the woods,
The deeper I go, the darker it gets,
I peer through the window, knock at the door,
And the monster I was so afraid of lies curled up on the floor.

From Darkness, by Peter Gabriel

Depending on where you live, you may encounter different things in the woods. In the UK there may have been a particularly angry squirrel to contend with. Pretty much anywhere else in the world and it’s a different experience. The undergrowth is teeming with creatures large and small that can take a human life. Australia? I wouldn’t even feel safe to sleep in my own home.
People will still go out into the woods and walk through the undergrowth. We may be a little more alert in Australia than the English countryside, but people still do it. But then we get to the house with the monster. The monster that is a spider, a mouse, a thunderstorm, conflict, the future…
It’s just laying there, asleep like a faithful dog.
So why fear it? It’s just laying there doing nothing. But… It might move, and then what?
We can walk confidently through a world of danger, but when it comes to our personal fear we will allow our thoughts and energy to be focused on one thing that consumes us.
We will allow a voice to stop us from achieving our goals:

“That will never work, you  don’t have enough time, talent, money…”

We allow it to steal our joy:

“This won’t last you know, so no point enjoying the moment…”

We allow it to steal our hope:

“Nothing will ever change, why bother trying…”

The fear monster doesn’t even have to stir and it controls us.
Here are today’s three takeaways:
1 – For the majority of us, our fears will come to nothing. Our fears are often inactive, and even if they stir, they won’t hurt us.
2 – Fear keeps us safe, it is a survival mechanism. It isn’t meant to be a way of life.
3 – Fear doesn’t make sense.
I know, number 3 is a little fluffy, but for a reason. Ask anyone with a phobia why they are scared and for the most part, when it all boils down to is, we know our fears don’t make sense. You have more change of dying from falling off a couch or bed than a spider bite. You think that stat will make people transfer their fear from spiders to beds? Of course, not. Can anything be done? We’ll look at this next time.
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