The ABC Of Behavior Pt I

Have you ever wondered why someone does something? You maybe know someone who makes the same mistakes over and over again. Maybe you are that person and you keep asking “Why do I keep doing this?”. On the other hand, you may know someone who continually sees the same success over and over, and you can’t work out what they are doing differently.
This week we will look at some of the finer points of how we can shape our future by tweaking some behaviors and using self-awareness. So what is the ABC of behavior?
A – Antecedent. This is the stimulus or event that happens before the behavior.
B – Behavior. The action we take in response to the stimulus.
C – Consequence. The thing that happens right after the behavior, which may reward and encourage future behavior, or punish and discourage the same behavior in the future.
In looking at this, it is interesting that most people, when thinking about behavior and ways of encouraging a certain behavior, will look at the ‘C’ believing the consequence is the most important factor. The formula works on the idea of “If you do X, then the result will be Y.”
Consequence’s through rewards or punishment are how we raise children, encourage team members, coach athletes, discourage criminal behavior, and any number of other behaviors we want to see modified in some way. What if we adjusted our sights a little and in our quest for self-improvement change our patterns by changing the things that influence us?
This week we will look at how to change our behavior, and use a little self-analysis and awareness to help create the new blueprint for our life.
Here are today’s three takeaways:
1 – Behavior is a three-part process. Everything we do is driven by a beginning, and middle and an end.
2 – We tend to see our behaviors as driven by the consequence, “If I do this, the expected outcome is that.” But how do we know the expected outcome, and why would we want that outcome unless something prompted it?
3 – A little self-analysis is needed, a little honesty, but it won’t hurt.
As we go into this week, try to be open and honest about the things that motivate you. We’re going to work on changing some of the things that stop you achieving your goals before they have a chance to bring you down.
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