If Mental Illness Were Physical

It seems we are sadly some way from being a society where mental illness is not given the same respect and understanding as physical sickness or pain. However, while people are still making the choice to be slow and clunky as they move around with a broken leg, we have some hope of helping people understand that behaviors aren’t always a choice.

By vincej33 April 30, 2018 0

Fade Into You

Sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be though poor decisions, or lack of a decision. Sometimes the future seems so far away, but in reality the future begins now. You can’t change yesterday or right now, but you can change tomorrow through the decision you make today. Choose a destination, map a route. Next stop – Tomorrow!

By vincej33 April 20, 2018 0

Slow Fade

Often we set goals we cannot meet. We may be completely committed to them in theory, and in the ideal world we will achieve them. This isn’t an ideal world and we have both internal and external challenges to be faced and overcome. This week we will look at how to set the right goals, fight the fade, and recover vibrancy.

By vincej33 April 16, 2018 1

Participation Awards vs Performance Recognition Pt III

Unless you are in a sport such as boxing where there is a long time to prepare for a specific opponent (which even then they could have a different game plan to expected), it is difficult to prepare for every nuance. Rewarding achievement recognizes the result, but it is important to focus on the work it took to achieve the result, and in that context, a participation award may have value.

By vincej33 April 13, 2018 2