Fade To Grey

So there you are walking the Yorkshire Moors, and you realise something is not quite right. You’ve just had a weird experience sitting in a village pub where the locals are frosty at best, there’s an upside down pentagram on the wall, and you make the mistake of asking what it’s for. A local misses the dartboard for the first time, which is obviously your fault as a young American tourist, and the last thing the locals say as they invite you to leave is “Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors,” and “Beware the moon.” You can’t say you weren’t warned.
This is the opening scene of An American Werewolf in London. If I spoiled it for you, I apologise, but in fairness you’ve had since 1981 to watch it and, another spoiler is coming up. Even with plenty of scary warnings, it is easy to leave the road, and the consequences can be brutal once we lose our way in the foggy moors of life. We get distracted, take a wrong step and before we know it, we’re a werewolf. Standard evening out really.
Wait – “But this is meant to be inspiring. He gets attacked by a werewolf and gets killed in the end. And you once wrote that we should take steps into the fog! What gives?” I hear you say.
Fair question. Werewolves don’t exist, and in a similar way, neither do many of the things we perceive to be the challenges we face. We are great at finding reasons we shouldn’t take a walk on the Moors of life. We see monsters in the future and ask a hundred ‘what if’s’ before we take one step into the unknown. In other words, we are masters at either wandering blithely into the future with no direction and lots of distraction, or we stay in the grey zone of life, fearful of taking a step into the unknown. Either way, we find ourselves in a state of grey.
Here are the three takeaways for today:
1 – Don’t go to a pub called ‘The Slaughtered Lamb’, and expect the locals to be normal. Be aware of your environment.
2 – Don’t fear stepping off the road, but don’t carelessly wander either. Be purposeful.
3 – It’s easy to live in the grey. It’s not new to our culture, and in the book of Revelation, Paul wrote to the church of Laodicea about this. We didn’t invent this, but we can choose to not live like a Laodicean.
The reality is that living in the grey zone, going with the flow, and following the Calf Path are the easy options. It takes time, effort, and courage to do something different, to explore, and to create a future you want to see.
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