Fade Into You

If it’s so easy to lose our way, why does it seem so difficult to find it again? Mostly it boils down to one (or more) of four reasons.

  1. We don’t know where we want to go.
  2. Even if we do know where we want to go, we don’t know how to get there.
  3. We feel we are so far away that we’ll never make it, so why bother?
  4. We’ve been here so long it feels like home.

As we said earlier, we didn’t get here overnight, it was a process. It was a slow fade out, and it will be a process to get back on track, but you can come back. We recently took a family trip, two full days of driving each way. Brutal stuff. My son was in the back navigating and letting us know where accidents had happened (mostly down south where everyone thinks they are Lewis Hamilton), but he also gave us alternate routes. These alternate routes would always be a little longer than the planned, direct route in theory. However, they were definitely time savers in that we didn’t have to spend a ton of time sitting in traffic.
These detours meant that although we had taken a route we hadn’t originally planned, we had chosen the path of least resistance, and we still ended up further along the route. OK, it took a bit longer, but we got to see some different things other than the standard views you get from a highway, and we did keep moving forward.
And this second part is critical here – we were moving forward, even if it wasn’t exactly the road we wanted to be on. In life, we are always moving forward, whether we are doing it intentionally or not, or even moving in the direction we want, we are moving forward. The real question, and the thing we need to focus on is this: Where are we heading?
Here are the three takeaways for today:
1 – No one gets somewhere they want to be by first thinking of the next step and going from there. They pick a destination, map the route, and then take the step. What’s your destination?
2 – Once you have your destination work backwards. Think about what it is like being there, then work backwards to bring the details to life.
3 – You are going somewhere. Whether it is the destination you want to go to or not, you are going somewhere. This is why no matter how far away from where you want to be you think you are, directing your path is important.
Life is hard sometimes. Sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be though poor decisions, or lack of a decision. Sometimes the future seems so far away, but in reality the future begins now. You can’t change yesterday or right now, but you can change tomorrow through the decision you make today. Choose a destination, map a route. Next stop – Tomorrow!
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