Pep Talk And Yo-Yo Dieting

I once worked with a great team of people, and a few of us were a little over our ideal weight, so we decided to have a challenge. We agreed we would all lose a set amount of weight within a certain time frame. We all made it (well, one guy may not have, but he said he did and he was bigger than the rest of us so we believed him). When we made our goal, we all celebrated, and then put the weight back on so we could try the challenge again another time.

Why does this happen? How does so much hard work and focus rapidly dissolve, and failure take over? We should feel great, we made our goal. It happened because we didn’t have Pep Guardiola coaching us (or someone like him). Out of the trophies, and with the Premier League already done, what’s left to fight for? What is left to focus on? The job’s done right?

In an unscientific test, I think this happens in hockey play offs as well. A team makes the play offs, loses a little competitive edge because they achieved their goal, and gets a little surprise when some team who had to scrap their way into the play offs has not only been maintaining their competitive mindset, but they are feeling invincible from the process of it.

Guardiola is right on the money here, and this is perfect advice for anyone who is working to achieve a time bound and specific goal. Ask yourself this question: “What next?” Will you let off the pressure now the goal has been met, lose ground, and have to start again, or will you find a new goal to build from the place you are trying to get to? Pep’s right, we have to finish our goals strong so we are mentally prepared for the next goal.

Here are the three takeaways for today:
1 – Goals should be stepping-stones, not finishing lines. When we hit the finish we stop.
2 – Finish strong! Don’t put up the “Mission Accomplished” banner when all you’ve done is win one battle.
3 – Have the plan for “What next?” before the current goal is finished. Be inspired by your success and carry the momentum  forward.

As we said last week –  like it or not, we are always moving forward, it’s just a matter of how we are doing it. Are we moving forward and letting our achievements crumble, or are we keeping motivation alive and using it to inspire us to new heights?

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