It’s All In The Mind

If you’ve ever played or watched a sport, especially a Championship or Cup Final, you may have noticed what happens at the end. The winning team runs about celebrating, jumping and giving off enough energy to run a small country. The losing team? They sit on the ground, head in hands, and have nothing left. Which team used the most energy? It’s probably about the same for both teams, so why does one team seem to have more energy than the other?

No one ever looks at a losing team and says “Why aren’t they acting life everything is normal?” Instead, people commiserate with them for their hard work and eventual loss. Why? Because we can empathise with it. At some point we’ve all lost something. We know how it feels to have put a lot of effort into something and come up short. Whether it’s a sport, or battle of the bands, a talent contest, or an art exhibit, we have all put effort into something and lost out.

Something happens at the final whistle, or when the judges give their decisions, that either sparks energy or suck the life out of us. What happens when the thing that sucks life out is life itself. What happens when every day you feel like you have lost and wake up with no energy? When every day is a Cup Final you just lost because no matter how much energy you put into something, it just isn’t quite enough.

Here are the three takeaways for today:

1 – As much as we view energy conversion as a physical process, it is much like a car’s engine. You could have the best fuel in your car, but if one of the cylinders is misfiring, your output will be impacted.

2 – Sometimes an event is the cause for the lack of energy. Sometimes life is that event.

3 – Hope is a big factor. Winning something we have worked hard for gives us energy and encouragement to do more. A lot of work with no reward… Not so much.

What if instead of telling people they need to “be happy”, or “pull themselves up” we ask how we can help? What about if we offer a word of encouragement and help someone get some wins in life? Maybe, just maybe, we can bring a little bit of positivity to the world. Can we make a difference to everyone? Probably, not, but we can for one person at a time.

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