Dream Big!

The featured image for this story is the signature of Justin Florek, a ridiculously humble guy who was drafted to the Boston Bruins from our local college hockey team and scored a play-off goal for the Boston Bruins. He is one of my son’s heroes. He once walked into the place I worked and I nervously asked him for his signature for my son, and he duly obliged. Less than half an hour later he returned with his signed player card. Why? Because he’s a nice guy.

I cannot express how much this meant to my son, and a year later when we bumped into him at the 4th of July celebration at our park and my son was able to have his photo taken with him, the only words my son said for the rest of the night were “I met Justin Florek.”

Florek was head and shoulders above his teammates and was a local kid from our town of not much over 20,000 people. If anyone ever had reason to feel like a superstar, it was this guy. But instead he went above and beyond. It is moments like this that can bring about more encouragement and motivation than any amount of coaching can do. Florek showed what it means to be a role model and inspire, and he didn’t even talk about sport or give tips on being competitive. This week we will look at some benefits of helping others, and how little effort it would take to change the world.

Here are today’s three takeaways:

1 – We all have the ability to change someone’s world today.

2 – Sometimes the only limitations we have are the ones we create.

3 – Helping people achieve big dreams doesn’t have to be advice, it can simply be belief.

Helping people achieve their goals is not all that hard, very often costs us nothing except for a small amount of time or an encouraging word, and yet can inspire people to great heights.

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