Dream On

There are some phrases that really get my goat. “Perception is reality” is without doubt the number one thing people can say that sets off an autonomous reaction in my brain. Say those words and you are negatively stereotyped and judged harshly before my conscious mind even has a chance to give input (my conscious mind does however reinforce those beliefs by the time it catches up). However, we have other phrases that are meant to be inspirational, but really don’t help at all.

One such phrase is a variation of “Keep going, success is around the next corner…”,  which, when success doesn’t appear like magic from around the corner becomes “You’re one step closer…”. Really? No! Not really. Depending on the direction you take, you may simply be walking around the block while cheerleaders tell you that success is around the next corner. “Wait… I’ve seen this corner before… I should try something else…”. But no – the helpful cheerleader says “No! Keep going, you’re almost there!”

“But… This isn’t working…”

“I saw a meme, and a picture of a squirrel holding onto a branch by its tail. Don’t give up! Trust me, the whole of social media is behind you!”

And so people stay on their calf path, and keep going. They stick to their blueprint, and don’t make any changes, and eventually find themselves running like a hamster on a wheel. So what am I saying? Give up? Stop dreaming? Of course not. Be in a constant state of evaluation, keep with what’s working and adapt that which isn’t. Dream big – focus on your end goal, but be aware that life has detours.

Here are today’s three takeaways:

1 – Perception is not reality – allow for the fact you (and others) may be wrong in how you view things. An optical illusion is a great reminder of how seeing may be believing, but sometimes our belief isn’t grounded in reality.

2 – Not everyone offering encouragement is offering sound advice. Although it is true that the path of success is littered with failure experiences, it is rarely littered with the same repeated failure experiences. Move forward with purpose and direction.

3 – If you are at a crossroads and you don’t know which path to take, you’re on the right path as at least you haven’t been here before. Think of your end goal and which one may take you closer to it.

Remember that our roads with continue to fork, split, and change direction. When faced with a fork in the road it is unlikely that either will be a straight destination to your goal. You may even change your goal as you travel the path. Make a decision, make the best of the opportunity you have, and stay open for new experiences. Dream on!

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