I Want To Believe

There are times when life sucks everything out of us. Everything. It could be that we work at so many ideas and projects that before we know it we have nothing left. Or more commonly, companies are always seeking to cut costs and in doing so are expecting their workforce to perform at ever higher workloads with fewer resources. People get home from work destroyed by the day and with nothing left for their families, friends, or even their own well-being. At least we have social media to give us the feeling of connecting while requiring no effort at all beyond hitting “Like”. But, a bit like the microwave meals we barely have the energy to prepare, our social media friendships leave us unfulfilled.

We are at a time in which we spend more money on mental health than at any time in our history. Some of this is because we are continually increasing our understanding of mental health, but doesn’t it seem that we have more struggles with mental health? Suicide is now the number two killer in people under the age of 24, after unintentional injuries. Think on that a moment – Our future is killing itself in increasing numbers because it lacks hope.

Why does this happen? I am going to offer a hypothesis here, and it comes from my love of the show The X-Files. The premise of the show is that two FBI agents investigate the weird unsolved cases, such as the paranormal, aliens, and the big story arc: Conspiracies. And here is your answer. (No, not conspiracies). A story arc. We have watched this show, and loved it through some weird times, even a 14 year break, and come back for more. Why? The stories were interesting, but we love the arc. The heroes, the twists, the villains even.

And this last part, as great as the stories were (mostly), the arc is what kept interest. No matter what was going on in the show in any given week, there was always the major story as a constant theme.

Here are today’s three takeaways:

1 – Life will always be a challenge. But the fact you made it out of the womb means you already overcame odds of 100,000,000 to 1 – You were born a winner!

2 – We have talked so many times about the need for hope. Without the belief in something more than today, it is difficult to be inspired. Think of your passion, and add to that world.

3 – Create your arc. There are so many things that happen throughout the day, tiring, inspiring, or otherwise. Keep a theme alive and keep working towards it.

If you are thinking that “There must be more to life than this,” you are correct. There is. Find your arc, and keep it as a constant idea to work on. Spend a little time each day or week, and just add a little more. Stoke the fire of creativity, and create your vision of the future.

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