The School Run

I’ve got three words for you, and if you’ve ever experienced this your heart will skip a beat…

The School Run.

Yeah, I went there. It’s a time when people step out of their rigid patterns and decide that whatever needs to be done, will be done. Some of the people you meet on the school run have the social skills and aggression of Sergio Ramos. A stop sign? “Anything under 15mph is a stop if it means I can gain just one more spot in the line.” Or my favourite, “Yes, I know there is a ton of space in front of me, but why should my kid walk an extra 25 steps when I can just park right here and block everyone else?”

There are four things that will make you give up on the idea of a general good in humanity, “news” outlets that cover anything beyond your local area, social media, working in retail, and the school run. Not necessarily in that order. Every morning, Monday to Friday, the horrors on show at the school run are on display all over the world. But you know this is going to happen. It won’t change, but the one thing that can change is ‘you’.

If we start our day off stressed because we had to drop the kids at school, and every morning we are cut off by “that parent” in “that car” with the “Give Peace A Chance” bumper sticker (clearly an ideology they don’t actually believe in because they wouldn’t be the recipe of “instant jerk, just add car” if they did), then the rest of the day is set up to be a struggle. But what if we strategically lose some battles in order to win the war? Before you leave the house make the decision that you are going to let Driversaurus Rex in before they cut you off. Make the decision that this is not a battle you care about, and your stress level will already be lower, giving you more room to take on the important things later.

Here are today’s three takeaways:

1 – Some things just will not change, and you have two options. Continue to let stress and anger build, or change the way you deal with it.

2 – There are many battles to be fought throughout the day. If you win every battle but go home reliving every moment, stressed, depressed, and full of anxiety, did you really win?

3 – If you help 3 people win their battles today you have been part of 3 victories. If you only focus on your own victories, well, see #2…

Don’t start the day out with a loss. Even if you manage to keep “that parent” from cutting you off in the school run by riding the bumper of the car in front, is this really a win? Really? Does your day or world become better because of this? Start your day by cutting out some stress, measure the importance of your battles, and give youself a chance to win your daily war.

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