Psychology Of Spiders

I used to live in Texas, and one time while out hiking with my wife we had our route blocked by this spider, it was about the size of child’s hand. I am no arachnologist but I think it was a black and yellow argiope (like the one in the picture). You can’t really tell from the picture, but they are big, and when you see a spider the size of Shaq’s hand, you let it pass. Well, we do at least.

Although I am not a huge lover of spiders, and I will admit that some of the pictures of these small-car sized spiders skeeved me out as I was looking for pictures, I am not a total arachnophobe either. In our house we don’t kill them, we put them back outside where they can kill other bad creatures like wasps, mosquitos, wasps, flies, and wasps. But especially wasps. There are three amazing skills a spider has that we can learn from, aside from killing wasps.

The first is preparation. A spider designs its web in such a way that it can withstand weather outside factors, but is still strong enough to hold its prey. It works hard to plan and build the perfect environment to be rewarded for its efforts. The second aspect is patience. It doesn’t panic if there are no immediate results, it waits patiently. It can do this because it planned and worked hard. Finally, timing is perfect. It waits until its kill is ready before moving in.

We can learn a lot from spiders about the need to prepare and wait. Be confident that the hard work we have put in will pay off, because if you have planned well and built your web strong, the results will come.

Here are today’s three takeaways:

1 – Be prepared. Think about your path and always consider your purpose. What is your plan?

2 – Be patient. Expecting immediate results isn’t realistic. Our world creates a false image that everything happens immediately, this isn’t true. Genuine, long-lasting results take time.

3 – Be ready. Opportunities will present themselves, but if you aren’t ready you will miss them. Don’t allow yourself to be so focused on one thing that you miss an opportunity somewhere else.

Not everyone loves a spider, but they are amazing, even the SUV sized one we saw. They kill wasps, work hard, they are patient, prepared, kill wasps, and we can learn a lot from their approach to the world.

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