Living In The Present

As we discussed in the last article, letting go of the past isn’t a real thing. We are the creation of the things we have experienced and our genetics. You can no more ignore the influence of your past in your life than you can extract the egg from a cake. Whether it is good or bad, it is part of we you are, and that’s OK. Where the past can become a hindrance is when it consumes someone and feeds the lie that the future won’t be, or can’t be different. It can.

One of the things I used to teach to the soccer team I coached, and I remind my son often, is that a soccer game is a series of moments. It is an event which is followed by another event, and then another, and so on. The events are tied together. A header at the back post doesn’t happen unless a cross comes in. The cross doesn’t happen without someone winning the ball and passing it out wide. There are a series of interconnected events, moments, that all work together to bring about one outcome. However, and this is the important part, each event could lead to an infinite number of other events and outcomes but out of the soup of infinite possibilities there is only one actual outcome. The cross could have gone out for a goal kick, dropped to the edge of the 18 yard area, caught by the goalie, headed away or any of an infinite number of other possibilities. With each decision made, the number of possibilities instantly changes from infinite to one. The one outcome then becomes a starting point for infinite new possibilities and outcomes.

We often forget that we can influence outcomes, or because we live in a linear world we maybe never even considered it. We follow the same paths, seeing the same outcomes, and it never occurs to us that we can diverge and blaze a new trail. We may never have considered the possibility of going rogue. You can read more about this in the series about The Calf Path. The truth is that the most powerful moment in your life is right now. Yes. RIGHT NOW. At this point you may have 100 dreams you want to pursue, but you may have never taken the first step of achieving any of them.

You can make your life take a different path. Right now you have infinite possibilities in front of you. One of those decisions is to do the same thing you did yesterday. Another is to start chasing down your dreams tomorrow. Another would be to abandon your dreams. Another is to investigate the first step and take it. The truth is that you don’t know what possibilities will present themselves unless you take that step to create a moment. In soccer, the winger may have the opportunity to put in a perfect cross to the back post, but if no one is there, it’s a waste. Or maybe a midfielder is unmarked on the edge of the box with a clear shot. When decisions are made the environment changes, and this leads to new possibilities but you won’t know what those possibilities are until you get the ball at your feet and run with it.

Here are the three takeaways for today:

1 – Life is a series of infinite possibilities. The paths you can take from this very moment are uncountable, and every decision you make takes you into a new realm of infinite moments and possibilities.

2 – Life is a series of cause and effect moments. However, you have more influence over the moments that are “causes” than you think. Decisions aren’t always easy, and the weight of an effect must be wisely measured, but you do have the ability to change outcomes more than you may believe.

3 – The most important and influential moment in your life is right now.

You may feel that you don’t have the time, money, influence, or some other thing to make a difference in your life but this isn’t true. The reality is that every moment of every day we make decisions that impact our future, and often we let those moments drift away and they become our past. Take one of those moments, be bold, decide something different and take a first step into a new future.

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