Living In The Future

So far we have looked at living in the past and present, but what about living for the future? It would seem that there is a lot of value in working for a better future, and the reality is that I have written many times about taking steps to make the future better. Living in the future must surely be an excellent way to live in order to have peace of mind that the future will be one we want to live in.

There are obviously some strong points to this. Having a plan and being excited for the future has some very positive aspects in that it keeps people focused, and when we have goals we are working towards we generally feel more hopeful. There is however one massive downfall to living in tomorrow in that there is a danger of neglecting today, and it is today that influences the outcomes of tomorrow.

In the same way our present didn’t just happen and is a result of things that happened in our yesterdays, the same is true of our tomorrows. The future is dictated by the things we are doing today and if we keep our mind on what is to come we leave ourselves vulnerable to two big dangers:

i) Our hope is not one which drives us, it is one that gives us a false sense of security. A hope that everything will work out because it’s what we are hoping for, much like a child who says “When I grow up I want to be an astronaut” but never takes the first step of that path.

ii) The follow-up to this is that things change. Not everything is within our control and we need to be adaptable to outside influences, or internal ones such as a change in our goals. If we fixate on a specific future we may miss out on new and different opportunities that are much better than the one we have planned.

It is important that while we are setting goals we are doing so in a way that is adaptable and workable.

Here are the three takeaways for today:

1 – Shaping our future and focusing on goals is a good habit, but we must never forget that our future is shaped by today.

2 – Creating goals we can achieve, along with smaller steps to keep us motivated is good for us.

3 – We cannot control everything, outside factors can, and will, change our goals. We need to be flexible and find way to overcome the obstacles. This means not getting stuck in overly specific patterns or outcomes.

We started this week’s series with a Twitter quote, and we will also end the week with one.

Daily Intention: I believe that today I will progress towards all that I am wanting.

This quote is meant to be inspirational, but what does it actually offer by way of substance? Nothing.

What it is missing is a second half which would look like this:

Daily Intention: I believe that today I will progress towards all that I am wanting, because I am going to [insert your activity here], and I recognise that what I want to achieve may change.

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