Roadblock Ahead

Change is hard and many people struggle with it. Often the people with the biggest struggle are those who are typically amazing planners, very detail oriented, and have every step of their life planned. However, they often struggle when life happens, a new obstacle is added, or something outside of their control stops their plan from happening the way they envision it. Rather than seeing a detour and the new possibilities it can bring, they see a road block.

It happens because some people are process focused, plan-bound and easily distracted from their actual goals. Instead of treating their blueprint as a basis, they view it as the definitive plan for the finish article. When a problem arises they focus on solving the problem in order to get to their end result, rather than finding a way to get to the end result. Without knowing it they are problem focused, not goal focused. The alternative is that they are so focused on the process that they fail to factor in new challenges and don’t see them. Either of these approaches are performance killers.

I found an amazing example of being goal-focused, adaptable, and maintaining high performance in Scotland. With that said, we are going to turn our attention to Celtic F.C. of the Scottish Premier League as an example of how to keep your mind on the goal while adapting to challenges. Watch and enjoy this masterclass in possession soccer.

At the beginning of this move Celtic had the goal in their sights with the ball being knocked around on the edge of the area. How tempting just to dump the ball in the box and hope someone got on the end of it? Or better still, take a stab at a worldie and smash one into the corner from 25 yards out? You may even get a Goal of the Year contender out of it. But no – from being in a strong attacking position on the edge of the box the ball eventually finds its way back to the ‘keeper before going forward again and is eventually a relatively easy goal with the defence tied up in knots.

Here are the three takeaways for today:

1 – Focus on the goal, not the problem. When a problem arises, don’t put all your energy into solving the problem, consider how it stands in the way of you and your goal.

2 – Surround yourself with people you can trust. When you screw up, and you will, make sure you have people around you who will be there for you. People who are working as hard as you are and want to see the same outcomes.

3 – Communicate clearly. This means listening and talking. If you’re the right back and space opens up for a run up the wing, make sure those around you know your intentions and they have your back. Likewise, do the same for them.

If you focus on simply fixing the problem you are discounting any other potential paths you can take. Keep your eye on the goal and find solutions, use your energy to get to your destination.

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