Embracing Happycholy

In the last article on we looked at how our emotions can make us feel different and contrasting things at the same time, such as happy and sad, or happycholy. Happycholy may be one of the most underrated and unappreciated emotions we have – partially because we don’t like to feel any sadness in our lives, but partly because we don’t really stop to smell the roses anymore. We are so fast to move from one event to the next that we rarely slow down to really think about what we are feeling, and more importantly, why we are feeling it.

We live in a world where great numbers of people don’t want to take a vacation because it’s easier to power through the monotony and stress than have to return to an office with a million and one additional tasks to complete. We’d rather not have a break than spend our break worrying about the things we have to complete when we get back. That’s the reality of our world. How can we take a moment to enjoy the bittersweet moments of happycholy if we can’t even allow a week away from the daily grind to bring some peace and tranquility?

And this leads to the second part of the problem – not only do we not take the time to allow ourselves any time with our thoughts and emotions so they can process, we try to avoid and reject any that we don’t want to feel. With emotions so fleeting and no time to process them who wants to spend the time they do have feeling things that make them sad?

But this is why we must embrace happycholy – it let’s us know we can feel. Not just that, but it shows us that things from the past still touch our soul and keep us connected to our past experiences. Our psychology is designed in such a way that we learn from our experiences, whether first hand or observational. We are a product of our past, and our experiences bring back emotions. We’re not meant to live in the moment and worry only about the future. We’re meant to connect the future to the past, apply our learning and experiences and understand them. Fully. How can we do that if we don’t process them?

So here’s the deal – if you typically rush through your day and don’t stop to smell the roses and experience happycholy take 5 minutes to play a song that means something to you, sit in a dark room, close your eyes and let the feels begin.

Here are the three takeaways for today:

1 – Feeling is good. We’re meant to feel. Feelings help us survive and thrive. Take time to process your feels.

2 – If we are going to find peace in our future, we have to allow our whole experience and not just the stress of the present help us as along the way. Take time to process and plan.

3 – The next time you feel that life is too much submerge yourself in whatever brings your happycholy to life. Whether it’s a song, a picture, or a smell, submerge yourself and feel alive.

It’s OK to be sad. It’s part of our experience, but we can’t lose something we never had, and we don’t know sadness unless we’ve felt happiness. Embrace your happycholy and drift away for a moment.


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