There’s Toothpaste Everywhere!

Ever made a decision you can’t go back on and instantly wondered what was going through your mind? It was a good idea at the time, but now you’re not sure, and the toothpaste is out of the tube and up the walls. If so, this series is for you. We will be looking at those decisions we make that seem like a good idea, and may actually be a good idea, but we soon realize it was a bigger undertaking than we first thought and there’s no going back. This series is inspired by Dr. James Finlayson, who equated a student writing a dissertation with Hotel California, you can check out…

We’ll get to that later in the series, but for now we’ll focus on that defining moment where we make a decision knowing things will either be very good, or very bad. Somehow we seem to feel that our destiny is in our hands and a step of faith is needed. We’re outside of our comfort zone, we’re not entirely sure we know how our goal is going to be met, but the whole of our future hangs in the balance. Somehow we know this is one of those defining moments and failure to act will result in “What if I would have done things different?” questions being asked.

From time to time we all have those “Tookish” moments where we set off for an adventure seeing gold and dragon slaying in our future, and end up trapped in a swamp, captured by an Orc (figuratively, of course). It’s at those very moments we have our “Hotel California” moment. We’re in, we have investment, and there’s no going back. We can check out, but we can’t leave.

It doesn’t matter how far into our journey we are, at this point we know that our soul won’t rest until we have seen the adventure to a conclusion. We have to push on, there’s a nagging in our soul that won’t let us end, but sometimes the next step is out of reach, or maybe we don’t even know what the next steps are. However, there is always a step we can take. People are often a lot more helpful than we think, and there is always someone willing to help an adventurous spirit along the journey.

Here are the three takeaways for today:

1 – We all have a mission in life, or at least, a feeling that we should have a mission in life. When it tugs at you, you know it will always be with you and you won’t feel truly whole until you are pursuing it.

2 – We will all have regrets. It may be things we didn’t do that we wished we had, or things we did do that we wished we hadn’t. Remember, for every regret, you also created a new experience and a new future.

3 – Ask for help. People are a lot more willing to help than we believe, not everyone, some people are just jerks, but for every jerk there are 5 people who will help you achieve your goals.

As cringe-worthy as it is, there is a line from the UK version of The Office where David Brent is offering some ‘wisdom’ to Dawn. “Keep the dream alive, because otherwise, one day you’ll go, Ahh…could I have made it? If you keep trying, at least then when it doesn’t happen, you know, you can go ‘At least I gave it a go. You know?'”

Of course, it’s not the greatest way to phrase it, but there is truth in it and the question has to be asked, why give up on a dream because it hasn’t happened yet?

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