Attitude is more important than ability, experience, and money.

Be honest, how many people have you met who have a dream, some big goal, and the only reason they don’t take steps at achieving the goal is “I don’t have the money.”? For some reason they believe they need to have a ton of money in order to make a ton of money, but is this true? While we aren’t all blessed with a family member who can get us started with a small loan of a million dollars there are many, many people who have built an empire from very little. But even so, does a dream have to be an empire?

I know people who are chasing their goal, they aren’t millionaires, they may never be millionaires, but they are content. They feel a sense purpose and direction in life. They feel that they are adding something of value to society and the world as a whole. They are chasing their dreams. There are some things that money just can’t buy, and a sense of purpose is one of them. A sense of achievement is another. Success is yet another. Peace, especially for the person who equates money with success and achievement, is pretty much out of reach entirely.

And this is why attitude is more important than money. Having an attitude of gratitude, and chasing goals that have value, is so much healthier than chasing money. Taking a first step on the path to self-actualization is more rewarding and exciting than taking a step towards being a millionaire. I’ll even go a step further, there are more people feeling lost and alone who have millions in the bank than there are people who seek intrinsic rewards like a sense of fulfillment and peace.

From a Behavior Analysis perspective I find money to be an interesting motivator. At first glance it would seem to be a tangible, along with all the things it can buy. It would seem reasonable to assume, right? And this may be the case for some people, but I would argue that the bigger function is attention, and people who are always after attention are rarely the most content and peaceful of individuals. A person who can control their attitude, adjust, know their strengths and weaknesses, and seek growth will always be more content than someone who needs the approval and attention of others. Always. And this is why attitude is more important than money.

Here are the three takeaways for today:

1 – Which would you rather – A small loan of a million dollars that you don’t have to pay back, or peace in your heart and soul?

2 – There are very few people in the world who have peace in their soul who chase money. If someone has peace and purpose, they are on the path to be the best version of them that they can be.

3 – There are many people with a lot of money who are miserable, but not that many who feel a sense of peace and purpose feel miserable.

This article was a little bit of a bait and switch, taking a different angle to the previous AIMIT… articles, but this was for a reason. We often define success as being the best, having the best, attaining status, but what if success is being at home in a loving family? What if success means living in a shack, but not chasing the same goals everyone else is dying of stress-related illnesses for? What if success is being the best version of you that you can be? If that’s our measure, then surely having the attitude that works to attain this level of success is worth more than all the money in the world.

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