Anatomy Of A Goal – #1

Like any good story, the story of your life, or any part of your life, needs a solid beginning, middle and end. Goals are the same. If we don’t think about our goal or how we will achieve them, we will likely fail. Not only that, but while we are working on them we need to be thinking of what comes next. When we achieve our goal, is it really over? What next? We will explore these questions over the next three articles.

Today we’ll talk about the beginning. Before we take action, we need to think about what it is we want to achieve, and more importantly, why we want to achieve it. If we don’t know what to achieve, we don’t know where to place our efforts. If we don’t know why? Well, we have no reason to even try – what’s the motivation?

We’re not going to so SMART goals, or anything else like that just for the sake of having something on writing. We want to make it very real, and have a very real foundation.

But there’s a twist, and here’s the most important question – if the goal is so important, why haven’t you already met it? I suspect it’s because you haven’t had the right motivation, so when you have another go at hitting this goal, try something new to motivate you.

Here are the three takeaways for today:

1 – Do you have a beginning? You may have a dream ending, but what does the beginning look like?

2 – Is your goal real? Are you actually prepared and ready to do what it takes to meet it?

3 – Why haven’t you already met it? If you haven’t found the right motivation yet, do something different.

Goals aren’t always easy, if they were we’d just get it done and not even have to plan. At some point we have decided that what we want to achieve isn’t as important as something else we are already doing. To achieve our goals we need to shift the balance and create a new beginning.

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