Anatomy Of A Goal – #2

In our last article we looked at why we haven’t already achieved the goals we want to meet. If something is so important, how come we aren’t already there? The answer is simple, we haven’t made it important enough yet, and something else is a better option. But what happens once we have decided the goal is really important, and we’re going to do something to meet our goal? How do we ensure we can maintain our path?

This is a big issue for many people, especially in a world where we want immediate results. Social media is always helpful, and is full of memes encouraging people to keep going because it is those who don’t give up who succeed etc. (in case you’re wondering, this was written in sarcasm font). Of course, this doesn’t align with the reality that every year hundreds of thousands of people die, and not all of them achieve the goal they have dreamed of and worked towards. We only hear about the people who were relentless and successful, not those who were relentless and failed.

And that’s the focus of step #2. How do we know when to push on, and when to give up or change direction? For the answer, we need to have an understanding of what is happening and why things aren’t working. If we’re hitting obstacles, we know we are doing something that is having an impact. Maybe not the impact we want, but we’re at least making moves and can work to overcome the obstacles. But what if we’re just not getting anywhere?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, getting the same results, but expecting a different one.”

– Author unknown, widely (for no reason) attributed to Einstein.

This is where we turn to those helpful memes – so imagine a picture of a chipmunk hanging from a pine cone, and a quote such as “don’t give up, success is around the next corner.” Inspiring right, but there is one small piece of truth in this, the piece people often miss – we have to turn the corner. We can do the same things, but with a different direction and purpose. If continuing in a straight line isn’t getting the results we want and we’re making no impact, take a new direction.

Here are the three takeaways for today:

1 – Are you making a difference? If so, you’re on the right track. If the world is changing because of your actions, keep going (assuming you’re doing good in the world).

2 – Are you working hard for no results? Chances are a change of direction may be needed. Be strategic and think about the things you want to change and how your current actions can be modified.

3 – Is the goal still your goal? Will the impact still be the same if it comes to life? Think about what you want to achieve and keep the end result in mind. It’s very easy to get focused on the nuts and bolts and become distracted.

If you’re working hard on your goals but not going forward stop and reflect on what could be going wrong. Does your path match the goal? Is your plan still relevant? Do you just need to turn a corner? Don’t keep plodding because of a meme – evaluate, redirect, and then move on with purpose.

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