Tl;dr version: Vince is a husband, father, Christian, soccer and hockey fan. Introverted. Teaches and studies psychology, currently working on Ph.D. in Psychology and BCBA certification. Has some qualifications in psychology and coaching. Belongs to some organisations. Likes some music, movies, TV and books. Sometimes works on one of four book-writing projects that may never end. Has an awesome wife.

Vince feels strange writing about himself in the third person, so here is a first person overview of who Vince is.
I teach Introduction to Psychology and Sport Psychology courses. I have a Master of Science in Psychology and I am writing a Ph.D. dissertation on the experiences of people with Tourette’s disorder who play sport. I want to find out if people who played sport have managed to have a good quality of life and maintain a high self-esteem in the face of Tourette’s disorder. Although my academic study of psychology has been 9 years, I have loved and studied psychology for much longer.

I spent the last 8 years as a volunteer youth soccer coach and have recently decided the time is right to hang up the whistle. It was coaching that inspired me to look at social identity and Tourette’s disorder as the focus of my Ph.D. as I could see that sport helped my son find his identity outside of Tourette’s disorder. I am confident sport can help others, not just with Tourette’s disorder, but many disorders that leaves people leaving isolated or alone.

I created PsychSpot because there are so many people struggling to get past mediocrity. So many people have big dreams but are crushed by daily life. It is the aim of this site to give bite-sized articles that may help someone with a fresh insight and hopefully a little inspiration. Ultimately the goal is to create individual development plans to help people achieve their dreams, and create new habits for success.

I have also created a BluePrint development program. You can see some of the foundations for this in BluePrint I, BluePrint II, and BluePrint III articles. Basically I believe success comes through taking on step at a time, and not just keeping an eye on the goal, but asking why we haven’t already achieved it. Most of us have a banana skin that slips us up every time we start to move forward. I want to help you find out what it is, and how to get beyond it.

I am a member of the American Psychological Association, North American Society for Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity, International Positive Psychology Association, and Psi Chi Honors Society. I have a USSF soccer coaching licence, and the Level 1 Psychology Award from the FA. I am in the process of becoming a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, and on the other end of the psychology spectrum I am also certified in Neurolinguistic Programming.