Tl;dr version: Vince is a husband, father, Christian, soccer and hockey fan. Introvert to the extreme. Has a Ph.D. in Psychology and almost complete with BCBA certification. Has some other qualifications in psychology and coaching. Likes some music, movies, TV and books. Sometimes works on one of four book-writing projects that may never end. Has an awesome wife.

Vince feels strange writing about himself in the third person, so here is a first person overview of who Vince is.

I have a Ph.D. in Psychology with an Emphasis in Performance Psychology and I teach and have taught a variety of Psychology courses, and I plan to begin some new research which I hope will change how we look at, and treat, mental illness and disorders.

I spent almost 10 years as a volunteer youth soccer coach of various ages. It was coaching that inspired me to look at social identity and Tourette’s disorder as the focus of my Ph.D. as I could see that sport helped my son find his identity outside of Tourette’s disorder. I am confident sport can help others, not just with Tourette’s disorder, but many disorders that leaves people leaving isolated or alone.

I have also created a BluePrint development program. You can see some of the foundations for this in BluePrint I, BluePrint II, and BluePrint III articles. Basically I believe success comes through taking on step at a time, and not just keeping an eye on the goal, but asking why we haven’t already achieved it. Most of us have a banana skin that slips us up every time we start to move forward. I want to help you find out what it is, and how to get beyond it.

I am a member of the American Psychological Association and Psi Chi Honors Society. I have earned a USSF soccer coaching licence, and the Level 1 Psychology Award from the FA. I am in the process of becoming a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, and on the other end of the psychology spectrum I am also certified in Neurolinguistic Programming.