Anatomy Of A Goal – #2

If you are working hard on your goals but not going forward at all. Stop and reflect on what could be going wrong. Does your path match the goal? Is your plan still relevant? Do you just need to turn a corner? Don't keep plodding because of a meme - evaluate, redirect, and then move on with purpose. #goals #evaluation #focus #psychspot

Anatomy Of A Goal – #1

Goals aren't always easy, if they were we'd just get it done and not even have to plan. At some point we have decided that what we want to achieve isn't as important as something else we are already doing. To achieve our goals we need to shift the balance and create a new beginning. #goals #focus #motivation #psychspot

Leaders vs Managers – Queen Elizabeth I Style

Elizabeth's motto was "I see, and say nothing." By the time she became a monarch she had seen a lot, but more importantly, she had learned a lot about humanity and leadership. Elizabeth learned to lead through observing life, and when the time came she was ready. #leadership #vision #strength #life #psychspot

Leaders vs Managers – Gandalf Style

Micromanagers rarely succeed in the long-term, and rarely do they attract loyalty. Quite the opposite, they create an environment where people breathe a sigh of relief when they leave the room. Leaders lead, they inspire, they give, they sacrifice. #leadership #management #inspiration #goals #psychspot

Leaders vs Managers – Doc Emmett Brown Style

Sometimes we are developed, or develop others simply just by "being." There is no specific or recognized path or plan to be a leader. It just happens, and people are developed as visions become reality. That is the mark of a true leader. #leadership #vision #inspiration #goals #mentoring #trust

One, 2, 3, 4, I Declare A Meme Flaw!

We can give ourselves a step up by really thinking about the things we see, especially on social media, and think about why they matter. What scenarios could we find ourselves in that could be relevant? Be inspired beyond hitting the like button - dig for some meaning. #psychology #stress #memes #relationships #communication #psychspot