One, 2, 3, 4, I Declare A Meme Flaw!

We can give ourselves a step up by really thinking about the things we see, especially on social media, and think about why they matter. What scenarios could we find ourselves in that could be relevant? Be inspired beyond hitting the like button - dig for some meaning. #psychology #stress #memes #relationships #communication #psychspot

The Illusion Of Power

The majority of what we believe is power is in reality just influence. If we deny it nothing will change, at least nothing bad. It may take time to really shake off the cobwebs, but things will get better, and the idea of freedom becomes more than a wafting hope. #power #freedom #goals #hope #future #psychology #psychspot

Stats And Learned Helplessness – Revisited

Learned helplessness happens when we don't believe we have the ability to change our world & that external forces are against us. If that's true, we wouldn't bother to learn or practice anything. We can change our destination, but sometimes we have to turn the corner to meet the success that awaits those who persist.

The Robin’s Nest And Development

We need to help our youth athletes develop and use the skill they have, but it means nothing unless we help them know how to use the skill. If we don't help them develop that side of their game they will forever be building on less than ideal foundations. This is true in sport and life.