The Illusion Of Power

The majority of what we believe is power is in reality just influence. If we deny it nothing will change, at least nothing bad. It may take time to really shake off the cobwebs, but things will get better, and the idea of freedom becomes more than a wafting hope. #power #freedom #goals #hope #future #psychology #psychspot

Stats And Learned Helplessness – Revisited

Learned helplessness happens when we don't believe we have the ability to change our world & that external forces are against us. If that's true, we wouldn't bother to learn or practice anything. We can change our destination, but sometimes we have to turn the corner to meet the success that awaits those who persist.

The Perception Of Success

Success is relative. What one person sees as success another may see as failure. However, we all view success as comparative to something else. The important thing is to focus on your goals, stick with those where you can be a mutual encouragement, and remember that your success will dry up at the point your dedication and sacrifice do.