Living In The Future

We started this week’s series with a Twitter quote, and we will also end the week with one.
Daily Intention: I believe that today I will progress towards all that I am wanting.
This quote is meant to be inspirational, but what does it actually offer by way of substance? Nothing.
What it is missing is a second half which would look like this:
Daily Intention: I believe that today I will progress towards all that I am wanting, because I am going to [insert your activity here], and I recognise that what I want to achieve may change.

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Living In The Present

You may feel that you don’t have the time, money, influence, or some other thing to make a difference in your life but this isn’t true. The reality is that every moment of every day we make decisions that impact our future, and often we let those moments drift away and they become our past. Take one of those moments, be bold, decide something different and take a first step into a new future.

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Living In The Past

In order to not be a creation of your past you would have to be living in a world without cause and effect, and without consequences. You cannot let the past go because it is a part of you. It is the series of events that have brought you to this place. The good news is that you can make choices on what you would like the future to look like, and although your past created who you are today, today you are creating a future past which will create who you are in the future.

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Hope Is A Plan

I once had a boss who would use the phrase “Hope is not a plan” (this is the same person who would also say “Perception is reality” so there’s your point of reference). My boss was wrong, hope is a plan (and perception is not reality). OK, it’s not the whole plan, but any plan…

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Sowing And Reaping

In the last post we looked at the idea of how positive thinking can be a negative. It seems counter-intuitive to think of positive thinking being something that could hinder our success, but in this article we’ll look at the trap people can get into if they believe positive thinking alone will change their world,…

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Why Positive Can Be Negative

The sun shines and the rain falls on the righteous and the evil alike. Life happens to us all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Positive psychology isn’t the belief that positive thinking brings positive results. Positive psychology is the belief that there is a point and purpose to our actions, we can grow in skill, and we can make our world a better place. Positive psychology is a fuel for action, not spaceology.

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