The Psychology Of Whales

Whales are highly social creatures who stick together in families. Like humans, they also experience depression when they are void of hope and have lost their purpose. The more I looked at this, I found that the life of a whale in captivity seemed to be highly relevant to the human state. When life is a monotonous task with nothing to hope for, nothing to work towards, and no purpose, what else can we expect to happen?

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The School Run

Don’t start the day out with a loss. Even if you manage to keep “that parent” from cutting you off in the school run by riding the bumper of the car in front, is this really a win? Really? Does your day or world become better because of this? Start your day by cutting out some stress, measure the importance of your battles, and give youself a chance to win your daily war.

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I Want To Believe

If you are thinking that “There must be more to life than this,” you are correct. There is. Find your arc, and keep it as a constant idea to work on. Spend a little time each day or week, and just add a little more. Stoke the fire of creativity, and create your vision of the future.

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Dream On

Remember that our roads with continue to fork, split, and change direction. When faced with a fork in the road it is unlikely that either will be a straight destination to your goal. You may even change your goal as you travel the path. Make a decision, make the best of the opportunity you have, and stay open for new experiences. Dream on!

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Dream Big!

Helping people achieve their goals is not all that hard, very often costs us nothing except for a small amount of time or an encouraging word, and yet can inspire people to great heights.

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A Season Of Reflection

Above all else, treat everyone with respect and listen to their ideas. Somewhere in an entry level position of a corporation is a genius with an amazing idea who just happened to have the misfortune of having an email account.

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