How To Build A Healthy Perception

In a world where people are increasingly more resistant to the idea that someone can disagree without being the enemy it isn't an easy concept to take in, but we can actually do this if we want to. We can change the world, one person at a time simply by listening, allowing a voice, and growing. Try it, I guarantee your stress will decrease.

Now Tell Me Yours

It's not easy to admit we are wrong. It sucks. But that's OK. Any time we have to change our position, learn new ideas, or admit we may have flaws in our worldview it is difficult, but that doesn't mean we should simply double down. Learn, grow, and allow yourself to be challenged, it's a lot less stressful to be open to a challenge and learn than it is to perform the mental gymnastics of defending an indefensible position.

This Is My Truth

This may be an uncomfortable reality, but you are wrong. So am I. We all are. We are all wrong in something. Whether it is in a relationship, an assumption about how the world works, a mistake we keep making at work or school, or our belief in God. We are getting something wrong, and you know what? It's OK, just keep learning.

Are People Being Turned Off From Helping With Mental Health?

We don't need to be a meteorologist to see the effects of the wind and what I am asking is for everyone to please play nice and stay open to learning and supporting each other for the good of all. Ultimately whether someone has an MI or not we are all trying to work to the same ends aren't we?