As you read this you may been think about some of the arcs in your life and maybe have an involuntary smile, a small sigh of sadness. It’s good – it means your still alive and still feeling. It means you’re happycholy.

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Now Tell Me Yours

It’s not easy to admit we are wrong. It sucks. But that’s OK. Any time we have to change our position, learn new ideas, or admit we may have flaws in our worldview it is difficult, but that doesn’t mean we should simply double down. Learn, grow, and allow yourself to be challenged, it’s a lot less stressful to be open to a challenge and learn than it is to perform the mental gymnastics of defending an indefensible position.

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The Psychology Of Whales

Whales are highly social creatures who stick together in families. Like humans, they also experience depression when they are void of hope and have lost their purpose. The more I looked at this, I found that the life of a whale in captivity seemed to be highly relevant to the human state. When life is a monotonous task with nothing to hope for, nothing to work towards, and no purpose, what else can we expect to happen?

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