Psychology Of Spiders

I used to live in Texas, and one time while out hiking with my wife we had our route blocked by this spider, it was about the size of child's hand. I am no arachnologist but I think it was a black and yellow argiope (like the one in the picture). You can't really tell … Continue reading Psychology Of Spiders

The Psychology Of Whales

Whales are highly social creatures who stick together in families. Like humans, they also experience depression when they are void of hope and have lost their purpose. The more I looked at this, I found that the life of a whale in captivity seemed to be highly relevant to the human state. When life is a monotonous task with nothing to hope for, nothing to work towards, and no purpose, what else can we expect to happen?

Control The Controllables

I was recently talking to a friend (who is proud of his Finnish heritage) about the folly of fighting the Russians in winter. He said "We did it, and we won." I checked the facts on this, and sure enough, the Russians had maybe 4-5 times the casualties as the Finns. Finland however gave up some land with high economic value and had to pay Russia for reparations. Who really won, if anyone? Sometimes the cost of winning doesn't actually look much like a win at all. So which battles will you win today?

The School Run

Don't start the day out with a loss. Even if you manage to keep "that parent" from cutting you off in the school run by riding the bumper of the car in front, is this really a win? Really? Does your day or world become better because of this? Start your day by cutting out some stress, measure the importance of your battles, and give youself a chance to win your daily war.

The Joy And The Freedom, But Freedom At What Cost

We like to feel in charge of our own destiny. We like to think we shape our own future. We see inspirational messages about shaking off the past, but how can we do that when our past is the only resource we have to make decisions and create new ideas? We'll be looking at those questions this week.

It’s All In The Mind

What if instead of telling people they need to "be happy", or "pull themselves up" we ask how we can help? What about if we offer a word of encouragement and help someone get some wins in life? Maybe, just maybe, we can bring a little bit of positivity to the world. Can we make a difference to everyone? Probably, not, but we can for one person at a time.