The School Run

Don’t start the day out with a loss. Even if you manage to keep “that parent” from cutting you off in the school run by riding the bumper of the car in front, is this really a win? Really? Does your day or world become better because of this? Start your day by cutting out some stress, measure the importance of your battles, and give youself a chance to win your daily war.

By vincej33 May 30, 2018 0

Tell Depression…

The one things this guy got right is that positives in your life will help. Keep a journal of the good things that happen. Is this a simple cure for mental illness? Of course not – mental illness, like physical illness, requires treatment. However, it may just help give a little lighter view of life.

By vincej33 May 4, 2018 0

It’s All In The Mind

What if instead of telling people they need to “be happy”, or “pull themselves up” we ask how we can help? What about if we offer a word of encouragement and help someone get some wins in life? Maybe, just maybe, we can bring a little bit of positivity to the world. Can we make a difference to everyone? Probably, not, but we can for one person at a time.

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If Mental Illness Were Physical

It seems we are sadly some way from being a society where mental illness is not given the same respect and understanding as physical sickness or pain. However, while people are still making the choice to be slow and clunky as they move around with a broken leg, we have some hope of helping people understand that behaviors aren’t always a choice.

By vincej33 April 30, 2018 0