Great Expectations

Choose your goals, and ask yourself how much will you sacrifice before you are prepared to accept defeat, and how much will your habits hinder you? Are you determined to create new paths for success? This will tell you how much you really want it, and whether your are ready to go all out for success.

This Is My Truth

This may be an uncomfortable reality, but you are wrong. So am I. We all are. We are all wrong in something. Whether it is in a relationship, an assumption about how the world works, a mistake we keep making at work or school, or our belief in God. We are getting something wrong, and you know what? It's OK, just keep learning.

Control The Controllables

I was recently talking to a friend (who is proud of his Finnish heritage) about the folly of fighting the Russians in winter. He said "We did it, and we won." I checked the facts on this, and sure enough, the Russians had maybe 4-5 times the casualties as the Finns. Finland however gave up some land with high economic value and had to pay Russia for reparations. Who really won, if anyone? Sometimes the cost of winning doesn't actually look much like a win at all. So which battles will you win today?

The School Run

Don't start the day out with a loss. Even if you manage to keep "that parent" from cutting you off in the school run by riding the bumper of the car in front, is this really a win? Really? Does your day or world become better because of this? Start your day by cutting out some stress, measure the importance of your battles, and give youself a chance to win your daily war.