The Pursuit Of Unhappiness. Pt II

In a world where everything flies at us at the speed of light, it is easy to think that happiness can be a replacement for peace. It’s certainly quicker to attain, just watch your favourite TV show for 30 minutes. However, it is easier to lose as well. Happiness is the wrong goal and a wasted pursuit.

By vincej33 December 18, 2017 2

One Time Only – Off-Topic – Net Neutrality

In 2 days the FCC will vote on net neutrality – It will be a similar vote process to the DNC primary last year, and will have a similar impact on the world. If you like the internet, watching Netflix, and not having your ISP tell you which sites to go to, please follow the steps in the post.

By vincej33 December 12, 2017 0

Ten Reasons To Give Up Your Goals

At the end of the day, there is one reason, and only one that you won’t work at the goals you want to achieve. You want to do other things more.
If you do want to meet your goals, start with just 15 minutes today. The worst case scenario is that you have spent 15 minutes doing something you want to do.

By vincej33 November 28, 2017 0

Style or Substance?

Reality is hard. Reality takes time. Reality takes being vulnerable, and that is one step too far for most people. The sad thing is that too many people putting too much effort into looking good, playing the game that makes things look like they are going well, and they are afraid to show the cracks.

By vincej33 November 13, 2017 2