Natural Talent vs Hard Work And Desire

The reality is that the nature vs nurture debate is null. It is impossible to take one side over another and answer all of the arguments against, no matter which side you take. Why? Because in every facet of life there are Messi’s and Ronaldo’s. There are people who are just naturally good, and people who are driven to be the best.

The Fight or Flight Response, Soccer and Squirrels

For the last couple of articles we have looked at the common thread between soccer and life, and worked from the Albert Camus quote, which roughly paraphrased was "All I learned from life, I learned from the football team I played for." Today's article will be no different, and today we'll be looking at lifelong … Continue reading The Fight or Flight Response, Soccer and Squirrels

Creativity and Suicide

The majority of people who commit suicide do so because they feel the world would be better off without them. In fact, suicide letters in a study revealed that this was the difference between people who completed suicide and those who attempted suicide. People who succeeded felt they had nothing to offer the world. We can do better.