As you read this you may been think about some of the arcs in your life and maybe have an involuntary smile, a small sigh of sadness. It’s good – it means your still alive and still feeling. It means you’re happycholy.

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The Science of Superstition

There is a fine line in superstition. It has to be believed for it to work, but it can’t be given the full power of determining victory or defeat or there is no point practicing. For Skinner’s pigeon the superstition worked, but only when it worked a little harder, went a little further, and did just a little more that it did last time.

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Go On – Jump!

Ultimately the fear virus is beaten by maintaining a focus on the steps you need to take to meet your goals, and keeping your mind on positive outcomes. As Peter Gabriel says in the song Darkness:
“When I allow it to be, it has no control over me, I own my fear, so it doesn’t own me.”
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The Perception Of Success

Success is relative. What one person sees as success another may see as failure. However, we all view success as comparative to something else. The important thing is to focus on your goals, stick with those where you can be a mutual encouragement, and remember that your success will dry up at the point your dedication and sacrifice do.

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